On Tue, 2010-03-09 at 23:19 -0500, Jay Smith wrote:

> ?? On the pnmtotiff, it said:
> pnmtotiff: computing colormap...
> pnmtotiff: Too many colors - proceeding to write a 24-bit RGB file.
> pnmtotiff: If you want an 8-bit palette file, try doing a 'ppmquant 256'.
> What does this mean....  Too many colors??

There are too many colors (more than 256) to create a file with an
indexed palette. So the tool decides to create a true-color RGB file

> The process did cut the file size from 2,850,625 to 2,844,590 which
> change is LESS than the total of the ICC Profile and the Photoshop Data
> that were present in the original.  It got rid of them, but did not
> quite reclaim all the space.

If you look carefully you will notice that new information has been
added, such as a DocumentName and an ImageDescription. If you really
care about file-size, perhaps you should use compression in your TIFF
files. Uncompressed TIFF files are huge, obviously.


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