Recently a friend of mine showed me a picture where someone had taken
a photo of a newspaper that laid on a table, slightly folded in the
middle as newspapers often are. (See e.g.
This particular someone had then inserted a picture of himself,
replacing some other picture that was on the front page. It looked
pretty realistic, unless one looked closely.

This got us discussing how this someone had put the picture of himself
in there. The main problem would be to get the picture to "fold"
according to the newspaper. We are both newbies when it comes to this
sort of stuff, but my friend who is a computer graphics freak insisted
that the person had used a 3D model of a newspaper and then simply
"texturized" it with the image of himself.

Personally, I thought (and still believe) that this can easily be done
using a GIMP plugin in which one somehow selected the parts where the
real image was located on the newspaper and then the plugin would
perform some magic (skew etc.) to replace it with the other picture.

Are there any plugins readily available for this sort of stuff? Is it
"easy" to write a plugin which does this?

Deniz Dogan
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