This was a mistake and now I know it but I added the repository for Gimp 2.7.3
for Karmic and tried to upgrade using Synaptic. Now I have about seventy
photos I need to work on and Gimp will not run. I went back to sources and
removed the repository and then uninstalled Gimp. Then Gimp 2.6.xx was there
and I installed it but still no Gimp. I did a restart and Repair Broken
Packages but no help. Can somebody help me out of my own manure?

I'm running a K8M800 BioStar MB with an AMD dual core and 2 gig of RAM.

When I start Gimp from the command line I get;
th1b...@th1bill-desktop:~$ gimp
gimp: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open
shared object file: No such file or directory

When I searched synaptic I found libgegl-0.0-0 but not the one in the error

Thanks in advance to anyone that can help.

Bill T. (via
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