Hi all!!  Well I am no graphic designer and am the dummest of the dumb -
when it comes to graphics stuff. The guy who used to do all of this at
our company left and I got stuck holding the bag. I've never used GIMP
nor Photoshop. I have Gimp on my machine for some strange reason though
- I guess because I was goiong to be the "chosen one" at some point!

I am trying to create a custom image but I to do so, I need to join a
couple of other .jpg images I have together to make this one new image.
I am trying to make a "banner" kind of a thing for a constant contact
email we want to send out...

Can someone point me to or send me "detailed" instructions on how I
would open up two (or more) different images and then join them together
- change the background colours (if need be), add some text to the new
image - either beside or on top of the images, and then save it as a new

Brad Pears
Information Technology
True North Log Homes
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