Michael, Jay - Thanks for the response :)

I'll be trying to implement the idea for GSoC, was just making sure there is
no way of doing it which is unknown to me.

On Tue, Mar 30, 2010 at 11:37 PM, Jay Smith <j...@jaysmith.com> wrote:

> On 03/30/2010 01:22 PM, Michael J. Hammel wrote:
> > On Tue, 2010-03-30 at 22:31 +0530, Tarun Samvedi wrote:
> >> Is there any way of defining a sequence of actions that could be used
> >> later?
> >> for instance, if I apply auto-color, auto-contrast and cartoon filter
> >> to a lot of images, is there a way of defining this sequence so it can
> >> be done in a single step?
> >
> > Current version does not support recording actions directly.  Instead
> > you need to write a plugin using one of the supported languages: Python,
> > Script-Fu or C.  For something simple like this python is probably the
> > easiest to learn.  For more complex plugins I write C plugins, but then
> > I'm more comfortable with C than Python.
> I am glad that Tarun brought this up.
> Question: Has somebody written a generic large script or set of scripts
> or "library" of script components that would allow an "ordinary user"
> with only the most basic programming skills to grab the bits they need
> for their particular "sequence of actions"?  Something that a basic user
> could edit down to what they need or cut/paste out the bits they need?
> I know one could study existing scripts and try to learn from them, but
> that is different than a script that is fully commented and designed for
> the purpose of taking the modular bits you need to build your own
> modular script.
> IMHO, the lack of a "recording actions" function, is the weakest aspect
> of Gimp.  Photoshop 5 had this (though it was somewhat limited) along
> with batch-running operations .... and that was released in May 1998, 12
> years ago.
> I appreciate that such a "recording actions" feature will become
> available when somebody steps up to create it.  (And no, I do not have
> the skills to do so.)
> I am sure that Sven will rip me a new one for saying so....  though I
> have the utmost respect for the folks that have the skills and time to
> do such programing, but I want to "use Gimp", not "learn a program
> language".
> Jay
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