>>>John Ma wrote:
>>>>By looking at your documentation, I found how to resize an image as
below, but still looking for the feature hot to resize the >background (the
underneath layer).

>>Chris Mohler wrote:
>>> Have you tried Image->Canvas Size?

>Branko Vukelic wrote:
>>If you want to resize the background layer without affecting other
>>layers, I think you won't find a software package that does that. To
>>resize all layers, though:
>>Image -> Scale image

John Ma wrote:
>Thanks for the reminder, Branko.   I guess I kind of figured it out now.
 Have a nice evening !

It's probably late in the piece, but I just thought I'd add that you
actually can resize just a layer, both with and without scaling (just as for
images).  Just do one of the following while the background layer is
selected (or whichever layer you wished):
- Layer -> Layer Boundary Size (Crops layer)
- Layer -> Scale layer (Resizes layer to scale)
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