Anna wrote:

> I was just finishing a drawing and then I pressed the "save" button and saved
> it. Right after that I turned of my computer *Gimp said that the drawing was
> saved btw* But when I turned it on again and open Gimp, then try to open the
> drawing Gimp tells me that the file is broken, in fact so broken that it can't
> open it!
> Help me please I've been drawing on it for like 3 whole days! And it's really
> important that I recover it! Is it anyway for me to save it? Please help me!

My best guess at this point is that GIMP gave you the message that the 
file was saved, because GIMP was all through with it, but that the 
Operating system was not finished writing the file to the disk. When you 
shut off the power, nothing further got written, and you have a 
corrupted file image on the disk.

If you happen to have made incremental back-ups (that is, saving your 
work periodically, under different names--like myfile1.xcf, myfile2.xcf, 
&c--like every 20 minutes or so, this would be a time when they would be 
quite useful, as you could simply go back to the last back up. 
Otherwise, if you happen to be skilled with low level file editing and 
the details of the ~.xcf format, you might be able to open the image in 
a file editor, and recover some of the information in the file, but 
since I follow the incremental back-up method religiously, I've never 
had to do that.

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