> Hi List,
> I thought I might tie off this thread by indicating that I now have a working 
> script.  It appears the definition for "script-fu-round-corners" in script-fu 
> console is in error in that the "run-mode" variable indicated is not 
> reflected in the definition of the script.  I removed the RUN-NONINTERACTIVE 
> from my script and I was off and running.  Here is the final script:

I beleive Saul Goode already indicated this is not an error.  The
calls in the PDB and are correct when calling from a plugin (C or

My understanding is that scheme scripts get their functions wrapped in
a PDB wrapper when registered, and can not be called interactively
from within scheme.  This means you can't call the registered PDB
function, but instead have to call the scheme script declaration that
was registered.

If you look in the file selection-round.scm you wil see the declaration:

(define (script-fu-selection-rounded-rectangle image drawable radius concave)

which is what must be called to access this from within scheme.

When this is registered in the PDB with the following call:
(script-fu-register "script-fu-selection-rounded-rectangle"
  _"Rounded R_ectangle..."
  _"Round the corners of the current selection"
  "Alan Horkan, Sven Neumann" ; authors
  "Sven Neumann"              ; copyright
  SF-IMAGE       "Image"      0
  SF-DRAWABLE    "Drawable"   0
  SF-ADJUSTMENT _"Radius (%)" '(50 0 100 1 10 0 0)
  SF-TOGGLE     _"Concave"    FALSE

It ends up existing with the additional run-mode parameter in front.

-Rob A>
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