Sorry for this completely offtopic question.

I'm a systems administrator with programming experience (mostly python 
and C) and I love web applications design/programming and I'm pretty 
good with html, javascript, css, etc... but I have a really weak point 
when it comes to "images" desing. I mean, I'd love to learn how to do 
images like this:

(from the template

I understand the basics, and I use quite frequently Gimp, but this is 
not like coding, when you code, most of the times it is easy to 
understand what is happenning (except if the code you are reading is 
perl :-P ) and thus, you can learn.... but I still can't "read" images I 
see out there, so, I guess there should be any learning path for this 
also or maybe is that just the creative half of my brain is missing.

Would you recommend any book? any website? or some other way to learn to 
do "nice 3d looking menus, buttons"..etc?

Thanks for your help, and sorry for the offtopic, but I didn't find a 
better place to ask this. (didn't look for a lot also...)


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