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> Hi,
> I got a mail from a German in Saudia Arabia. He runs Windows 7 with
> English as default language. He installed GIMP 2.6.9 and it comes up
> in Arabic which he can't read.
> He sent me a screen shot which shows the menus of his mail program in
> the back behind the Arabic GIMP. They are in German, but he says his
> system is running in English. Localisation Hell?

Business as usual on Windows systems where there is no true localisation 
because the translations are mostly found in the program's resources (i.e. 
attached to the program files at linktime) and not in language catalogs...
> I haven't used Windows since 98SE, so I have no idea how to help him.
> Any pointers?

You can set global environment variables through the system settings dialog of 
Windows. Setting the localization variables (LANG, LC_ALL etc) to the desired 
locale(s) should do the trick.



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