for...@gimpusers.com (2010-07-12 at 1402.44 +0200):
> For the last couple of days, I've been getting a different, disruptive
> behaviour: The information in the lcp window remains pertainent to the old
> image.
> My current workaround is to do this after selecting a new image: I close the
> lcp window, and then open it again from the 'windows' menu.
> What could be going on here? Maybe I accidently switched a setting? Is there a
> way to switch back?

It sounds like you did. :]

Look in the menu you get in the [<] button top right of LCP (and any
other such window or "tab", also called "dock", just in case you hit
the term in Gimp documentation). There should be an "Auto Follow
Active Image" toggle at bottom of the menu.

If you click "Show Image Selection" you get a drop down to pick which
image to show in LCP, and as plus, a button labelled "Auto" that does
the same than the "A-F-A-I" setting. If you already have this
selector, maybe you clicked the "Auto" and so it behaves the other

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