> This problem involves an illo to be used on a book cover in
> Scribus.
> Some time back I took a photo of a church with a white sky
> background (OK very light gray). I was able to select and
> delete the background so now I have the church plus a
> transparent background. I saved it as png.  When i used it
> there was a very thin border of white pixels around the
> outline of the church and its steeples etc.  A Photoshop guy
> said I could select the church, invert so that the background
> was selected, enlarge the background by a few pixels and
> delete it again to get rid of the white line. But right now the
> background is just a transparency.
> Currently the illo is in png form, though of course I can go
> back to the original jpg from the scanner. Using either
> product, the png or the original jpg, how do I eliminate both
> the sky and the white line? I want the background to be
> totally transparent.  I have Gimp 2.6.6 on Slackware 13.0
> Linux.

Without answering your question, may I suggest you do *all your work*
in xcf format and only convert to png etc when finished with your work

Anyway, without seeing the image, I would try just selecting the
church, quickmask it and erase the offending white,


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