Since the last update to Gimp 2.6.8, the menubar moved from the toolbar 
window to an extra window, degrading the toolbar to a utility window.

The new menubar window is utterly useless, not only because it will always 
be hidden below a stack of windows, but because each of it's functions is 
duplicating existing functions:

The menubar is duplicating the image window's and the 
former toolbar window's functions.

The image window list is duplicating my task manager's function.

The image drop zone (which won't work for files displayed in the midnight 
commander anyway) is also available in the toolbox window (from where I'd 
like to remove it, too).

I think you get my point: I'm totally and completely annoyed by this 
change, and I want to change it back. I've been searching for a setting I 
might use to get rid of this - unsuccessfully. Is there a setting I have 
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