>martinz wrote:
>> but I cant find this fill angle control (I am pretty new to gimp).
>> please give me a quick advise.
>> I have the path and then I type in a text. 
>> In the text menu I can change -font, 
>> -size, 
>> -orientation (left, right, block, center) 
>> - hinting, auto, ...
>> - distance bitween letters, lines and space of 1st line
>> - button to apply text to path (which I use!)
>I think you are looking at the wrong script when you listed the parameters.
>The Text Circle script (Text im Kreis ...) has 7 parameters. The one to 
>change is the fourth parameter (which is the third number) called Fill 
>Angle (F"ullwinkel).

ahhhh. got it!
I used not the script but the path/text tool from the main tool-window. 

thanks a lot!!

martinz (via www.gimpusers.com)
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