The version of my woodrat script I refrred to below works on

Mac GIMP version 2.6.7  
Ubuntu GIMP version 2.6.8 
Win GIMP version 2.6 10

Haven't tried 2.6.11 yet.

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On 4 Oct 2010 at 10:21:16 PDT 
saulgoode at wrote:

> It is not a problem with the branch register command not being
> processed, but that branch registration seems to require that
> plug-in be associated with it (see
> 'plugin_menu_branch_register_invoker()' in 
> app/pdb/plug-in-cmds.c). Apparently, when processed at the top
> level of a Script-fu, there is no "current-active-plugin"; and
> this leads to  'gimp_marshal_VOID__STRING_STRING_STRING' failing
> because it is  missing one of its parameters (the plug-in name). 

Don't have source code, so I'll pass on the c.  But I get the idea.

> > I did this:

> >  (define (wrf_register_menu_branch)
> >   (gimp-plugin-menu-branch-register 
> >     "<Image>/File/Create/W_oodrat")
> >       "_Finger..."
> >      )

> >      (script-fu-register  "wrf_create_template_finger"
> >     (wrf_register_menu_branch)                ; menu label
> >      ....

> >     which works.  (script-fu-register when it runs has to call
> >     (wrf_register_menu_branch), which does the register thing.

> A clever solution. However, I was unable to make it work with GIMP 
> 2.6.10+. What version of GIMP are you using? 

2.6.10 win32 on XP.

> >  Anyway, my kludge seems to work.  
> >  Thanks for pointer on how to do it.

> I'm not sure how robust your kludge is. If it is not version
> specific  then it may be working for you (and not me) because of
> something other  going on than just the code you posted here
> (multiple procedure  registrations in the same file perhaps). Could
> you provide a complete listing of your script? 

2000 lines overall, 1200 lines of code.  Perhaps a bit excessive to
paste into a posting here.  So for moment it's in at



In version posted I invoke (wr_register_menu_branch) 3 times, with
argument (the value to return each time).  It also worked for me when
I just invoked it once (on the first (script-fu-register)).  

Any comments or crits on code very welcome, e.g. if you happen to
notice me doing anything wildly inefficient.  To actually run the
script you need the pattern file included in the zip.

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