My apologies for this OT post, but I need some help from an "image expert",
and I thought the Gimp list might have one or two.

When I upload images from a friend's digital camera, a Java web app is not
able to create thumbnails (they appear black with the title of the image in
the image area). However, clicking on the missing thumbnail renders the full
image. When I upload images from a different camera, the same app generates
the thumbnail and also renders the full image. Is there a special setting
that camera's have to have set to allow thumbnails to be created? Both file
types are jpeg. I am not seeing any error messages from the app.

I have the same problem with a Python based web app that displays thumbnails
of images - all the thumbnails from the one digital camera are not rendered
(ie white), but the full image is displayed when I click on the thumb nail.
Images from other digital camera's display both thumbnails and full images.
The only reason I mention this is that the Python app (obviously) does not
use the same image rendering code to generate the thumbnails, so this leads
me to believe the problem is with the image itself as opposed to the Java

I am not an "image expert", but I hope there is someone on the list who
might be able to enlighten me as to why some images do not render a
thumbnail and what I can do about it. Is there some JPEG setting that
prevents an app from generating a thumbnail?


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