On 10/19/2010 11:32 AM, yahvuu wrote:
> On 11.10.2010 18:29, Chris Mohler wrote:
>> On Sun, Oct 10, 2010 at 2:18 PM, Patrick Horgan<phorg...@yahoo.com>   wrote:
>>>> i'm curious how other people regard layer masks. In particular, which
>>>> memory aids exist to remember when to use black and when to use white.
>>> I think of it like illumination.
>> Cool.  I think of it as a window or transparent overlay.
> Thank you very much, Patrick and Chris, for sharing your style of thinking.
> It's very interesting to learn how different the mental concepts/mnemonics 
> are.
> If other variations are in use, please keep em coming!

One can't look under the bride's dress  :-)

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