ok, one last post, as i am getting tired of replying to myself, although not 
getting tired of solving things i have needed for a long time :)
I realized I did not have full paths on the file, which is another syntax 
figuring out task.  This works:

start "convert" /min "C:\Program Files (x86)\GIMP-2.0\bin\gimp-console-2.6.exe" 
-i -d -f -b "(save-as-jpg \"C:\\Users\\james\\Desktop\\gimptest\\USGS.png\" 0.7 
\"C:\\Users\\james\\Desktop\\gimptest\\USGS.jpg\")" -b "(gimp-quit 0)"

so be sure to use double backslashes on those paths.

JamesMaeding (via gimpusers.com)
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