Per Tunedal writes:
> I would be happy if there was two more filters:
> remove green eyes and remove yellow eyes.
> Or maybe a filter with an option to chose which colour to remove.

I've wanted that too. You can do it the old way (the way we used
before the red-eye filter was added in GIMP 2.4): select the pupil,
perhaps with the ellipse selection tool, then use something like
the Hue-Saturation tool to desaturate and darken.

But it doesn't work as well on animal eyes as on human, because
animal pupils are often much larger and is very light, and it's
hard to make it turn black. Sometimes I have to paint in some black.
Also, the animal pupil colors tend to be a lot less saturated than
human redeye, so it might be harder to write a tool to select it
in an automated way.

Anybody have a reliable way to deal with animal greeneye?
Please share techniques!

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