Am 04.11.2010 03:41, schrieb Akkana Peck:
> Per Tunedal writes:
>> I would be happy if there was two more filters:
>> remove green eyes and remove yellow eyes.
>> Or maybe a filter with an option to chose which colour to remove.
> I've wanted that too. You can do it the old way (the way we used
> before the red-eye filter was added in GIMP 2.4): select the pupil,
> perhaps with the ellipse selection tool, then use something like
> the Hue-Saturation tool to desaturate and darken.
> But it doesn't work as well on animal eyes as on human, because
> animal pupils are often much larger and is very light, and it's
> hard to make it turn black. Sometimes I have to paint in some black.
> Also, the animal pupil colors tend to be a lot less saturated than
> human redeye, so it might be harder to write a tool to select it
> in an automated way.
> Anybody have a reliable way to deal with animal greeneye?
> Please share techniques!

You could also use the following:

(a) The Colour-Match plug-in (select eye region, select colour to
substitute within the region and the colour you want it to change into)

(b) The User-Filter plug-in (you can adopt the formula for the red-eye
reduction for other colours - especially green should be fairly easy).
The formula is not as accurate as the native red-eye reduction since
User-Filter does not use floating point values, but it still works
pretty well - in fact, I think it is an old formula of the native plug-in.
I don't have a working example of green-eye reduction (lacking some
proper animal pictures) but you can still play around with the formula
for red-eyes (ctl(0) being the slider which controls the sensitivity for
colour removal):


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