On 11/13/2010 06:18 PM, hermitsoul wrote:
> I've been using Gimp for over a year for simple projects.  I've always been 
> able to use the rectangle select tool and then crop an image.  For some 
> reason, now whenever I try to use the rectangle select tool, it includes the 
> "move" function and just moves the image--won't let me select a rectangle to 
> crop, copy, etc . . . What can I do to get the simple select rectangle 
> function back?

The behavior your describe is the behavior of most tools when the Alt 
key is depressed before the mouse click. See if you have the same 
behavior in other tools. If so, find out why your Alt key is depressed. 
Wrist? Cat? Hardware malfunction? You can also reset your keybprd 
shortcuts to defaults (Preferences/Interface) but I don't see where this 
particular one is defined.

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