On 13 Nov 10 17:18 hermitsoul <for...@gimpusers.com> said:
> I've been using Gimp for over a year for simple projects.  I've 
> always been able to use the rectangle select tool and then crop an 
> image.  For some reason, now whenever I try to use the rectangle 
> select tool, it includes the "move" function and just moves the 
> image--won't let me select a rectangle to crop, copy, etc . . . What
> can I do to get the simple select rectangle function back?

Are you sure you're not just confusing the RECTANGLE SELECT and CROP 

Drag on the selected area with RECTANGLE SELECT or CROP and you move 
the selection.

Click on the selection with RECTANGLE SELECT and you confirm the 

Click on the selection with CROP and you crop the selection.

Greg Chapman
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