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On 21 Nov 10 10:56 Frank1e <for...@gimpusers.com> said:
> The image is a photo with 
> a resolution of 72.000 x 72.000 pixels and is 416mm x 624mm. The 
> layer i am working on is print size (147mm x 105mm), 

You misunderstand the nature of the resolution figure.

There's nothing fixed about it. It's simply calculated - based on the 
size you want it display/print it at and the number of pixels in the 

There will be no damage, or loss of *available* quality, in the image 
if you choose to re-size it to fit your layer. All that will happen is
that the resolution will be recalculated to tell you how many pixels 
will fit in an inch at the new size.

The default of 72dpi resolution is a largely historic figure suitable 
for display on early colour monitors. Even then printers were 
typically capable of 300dpi so, at native resolution, an image that 
would fill a screen would only print at the size of a postage stamp.

> Does anyone have any idea how to reduce the picture size, without 
> looking the resolution?

Simply resize the image to the number of cm you want. Yes, the number 
of dots/pixels per inch (i.e. resolution) will change, but you don't 
lose any image data, you just stretch/compress it to fit the desired 

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