i wonder if anyone can help me? i have searched the forum for a previously 
posted solution and i have not been able to find one so sorry in advance if 
this issue has already been addressed. 

I am trying to create a post card for print  and have an image prepared to copy 
on to an existing layer. The image is a photo with a resolution of 72.000 x 
72.000 pixels and is 416mm x 624mm. The layer i am working on is print size 
(147mm x 105mm), 

When i copy the photo layer on to my print layer the image is massive, but when 
i change the size using the scale tool the resolution becomes so small that the 
image is not suitable for print. I have also tried to reduce the size using 
'set image print resolution', but in this tool the image doesn't even change 
size when i change the mm. 

Does anyone have any idea how to reduce the picture size, without looking the 

thanks very much! 


Frank1e (via gimpusers.com)
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