I am not a programmer and have basically taught myself gimp by trial and
error and what i can recall from Photoshop, so excuse me if this seems like
a dumb question. (I also use a wondows version of Gimp, but there is no
longer a windows forum, so here I am)
Is GIMP made to have any kind of web/html interface?
- Trying to create a bus card size logo with text, and i would like to make
the text a hyperlink to my webpage
is this possible?
- I would also like to create an image with all the facebook, twitter, or
blog 'badges' - which are mostly html with a logo...so I can just slap that
onto emails, webpages, etc as needed

The only other idea I can think of is to create the image in gimp, and then
use my dreamweaver to add the links ...?
But that seems like too many steps and i bet it is easier than that.


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