Am 22.11.2010 22:15, schrieb Li M. Terrell:
> I am not a programmer and have basically taught myself gimp by trial and
> error and what i can recall from Photoshop, so excuse me if this seems like
> a dumb question. (I also use a wondows version of Gimp, but there is no
> longer a windows forum, so here I am)

There really is no need for a forum for every single platform as Gimp is
multi-platform and looks and feels the same on all.
> .......
> Is GIMP made to have any kind of web/html interface?

No. Gimp does not have a web interface (but from reading further, this
is not what you meant with it). Gimp having a web interface would mean
that it could be run on any web-server as a CGI application - this is
just not the case, although you can use the command-line mode from
server-side scripting to process images on a web-server...

> - Trying to create a bus card size logo with text, and i would like to make
> the text a hyperlink to my webpage
> is this possible?
> - I would also like to create an image with all the facebook, twitter, or
> blog 'badges' - which are mostly html with a I can just slap that
> onto emails, webpages, etc as needed

First of all, images in general do not have any relations to HTML within
them. It is always HTML that references the images.

For the task you want to complete, you can use Gimp's plug-in for
defining HTML image maps which need to be included in the HTML code of
your webpage or whatever else.

> The only other idea I can think of is to create the image in gimp, and then
> use my dreamweaver to add the links ...?
> But that seems like too many steps and i bet it is easier than that.

It is more or less the same, because it does not matter what tools you
use to create the image maps for the HTML part of a document containing
images which (partially) relate to one or more other documents.



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