>I wanted to have a spinner (roller-box), measurement in inches, 
>jumping by 0.0625 (1/16") every time user clicked the spinner.

>Doesn't seem to work.  Looks like small-step, large-step have to be 
>integral values.

>That match what everyone else finds?

>; small-step large-step [int=0 or float=1] [slider=0 or roll-box=1])
>  SF-ADJUSTMENT  "Board width:"  (list 4.00 0  12 .03125  0.625 1 1)

No. Your problem is the incorrect description of the parameters that you've 
used. The value [int=0 or float=1] is actually the precision, or number of 
decimal places to display. So if you change the value to 5 you should find the 
behaviour you are looking for.

Kevin (via gimpusers.com)
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