I have a possible solution to this problem - but you're not going to like it. 

My guess is, that like me - you have a second monitor. 

I think that what's happening is that Gimp is not dealing well with the 
extended desktop, and that's why the x-axis is getting confused. 

I found that unplugging my second monitor, and rebooting, as well as setting 
the device mode back to 'screen' made everything work properly. 

It's hardly a suitable solution - but might help to point out where the problem 


>I've just replaced my old AceCad tablet with Genius 8x6 tablet.

>it works fine in ALL programs I checked except for GIMP ..... :(

>The problem is that the x-axis doens't react as it should. for example - if I
>user a brush tool - I get two cursors - one with a brush where the pen is and
>another where it actualy draws. 
>I've googled for a few hours with no aparent solution. 

>I'm using gimp 2.6.8 on windows XP home edition.
>To my best knowledge, the tablet driver is the latest and it seems to work
>fine. I also get preasure recognition both in gimp and in the tablet utility.

>Do you know of any solution about this frustrating situation ?


I'm having the same problem, and while I can't offer a solution, I might be 
able to offer a bit more information. 

I'm running with two monitors, and I'm wondering if 

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