Hi everyone,
This is my first post to the list and I'm still a GIMP newbie so I apologise
in advance if I've violated a posting convention or sound particularly


> The problem is that the x-axis doens't react as it should. for example -
if I
> user a brush tool - I get two cursors - one with a brush where the pen is
> another where it actualy draws.

> If someone thinks it might help clarify the problem, I will be happy to
> upload a screen capture image of the problem.

I've experienced my y-axis being uncontrollable (with the x axis mapping
fine) but it was not accompanied by two cursors.  Could you elaborate a bit
more on what your specific problem is?  Unfortunately I don't remember how I
fixed my y-axis problem (sorry - was also on an Aiptek not Genius tablet)
but a screen capture might be useful.

I have also experienced a two-cursor situation but that was due to settings
for a Wacom tablet.  The tablet was configured within GIMP to map to "within
the program window", thus creating two cursors when the operating system
additionally mapped it to the context of the entire desktop frame (I don't
know what the proper terms are sorry).  I rectified this by configuring the
tablet in GIMP to the context of the desktop frame as well.  Have you
checked Preferences > Input Devices > Configure Extended Input Devices in
case that's the reason?

Kind regards
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