>drwr wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have saved a gif file with one additional colour (blue).
>> When I go to edit this file and draw a line in yellow (a new colour) GIMP 
>> draws the line in white!  When I go to Colours > Map > Rearrange 
>> ColourMap...  I see black, white and blue.
>> How do I force GIMP to let me change the foreground colour?  I have tried 
>> dbl clicking the foreground colour and selecting yellow.  Yellow appears as 
>> the foreground colour in the toolbox, but when I try to use the Pen tool 
>> with yellow selected as the foreground colour GIMP draws the line in 
>> WHITE!!!!
>> BTW I am using 2.6.6 on Win Vista.
>> Many thanks
>This may not be the problem, but make sure it's in RGB mode ( Image --> 
>Mode --> RGB).  Maybe put the image up on a website and send out a link 
>to it to the email group.

Hi Bob,

This seems to be the problem.  Gimp will only save as either indexed or 
greyscale.  I can change the mode whenever I need to edit.

Thanks for the quick and insightful response.

drwr (via gimpusers.com)
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