Since the plugin are initialized at loading time i may only think to same old 
incompatible plugin left by previous version installed

If that just go to C:/Documents and Settings/ YOUR NAME/
and there just delete the gimp folder

Then reload (no need to reinstall , that folder will be recreated automatically
>Hi all,

>I did some "great" research on the field of disappearing plugins within GIMP, 
>wiped out, my complete xp:registry and reinstalled GIMP version 2.7.1 form 
>Jernej Simonic (wrong spelled, I know).ยด

>But also old, stable working releases of GIMP react same here.

>Nothing. No single plug-in: NO JPG, NO PNG, NO SCRIPT-FU, NO PYTHON-FU nothing 
>appears to be working. Not even (save/load) anything other than XCF is doing 
>anything at the moment.

>SO, I do have a Firewall working (Zone Alarm) but even with ZA shutdown and 
>restart, I got the same results.

>Looking into my GIMPrc, everything seemed working fine, and when I start GIMP 
>every little plug-in is listed and loaded (from console-view)...

>Can you lend me a hand... I am totally stuck!

>Thank you in advance, Andreas_P

>Besides: System is WinXP SP3 on Netbook

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