At 03:26 PM 1/20/2011, Ofnuts wrote:
>   All of them produce an image with less pixels than the conversion in
>Gimp... (235x235 instead of 326x326).
>If you look at the EPS it specifies a 235x235 bounding box, and a scale
>factor to shoehorn the diagram in it.

the page.eps file that i am using has: %%BoundingBox: -1 -1 234 234 
and identify says both the eps and convert gif are 235 by 235. gimp 
says the eps is 236 by 236 when i import it.

>  If you edit the EPS to work with a
>1:1 scale and a sufficient bounding box (2 lines to edit, no hard to
>script), the output of convert is OK.

what should the values be for bounding box?

can you show me the values that you used and the convert command that 
had the great result?



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