>I saw some mention (mailing list early 2001) of Gimp & the ability to set
>a clipping path.

>What is the current status on this?

>Has it been implemented or is it on the drawing board?

>Just curious.
>Eric Pierce

Photoshop clipping paths designate transparent areas in images. A clipping path 
can isolate part of an image; the rest of the image is transparent when the 
image is placed in a page layout. A common example is to make a clipping path 
of a foreground object to exclude or mask out the background. As a graphics 
design professional i suggest to make clipping path using photoshop pen tool 
which really allow to cutout images very sharp. For clipping path service 
visit: http://www.clippingdesign.com/services/clipping-path-services.php

[url=http://www.clippingdesign.com][b]clipping path[/b][/url] clippingdesign 
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