On Sunday, January 23, 2011, Yart wrote:
> Hi.
> I got a cheap old tablet from my brother recently (Jam Studio KG-TAB1
> tablet, company went out of business) and I've installed it and
> everything. Works fine. Pressure sensitivity works perfectly in
> Photoshop, but I can't get the pressure sensitivity to work in The Gimp.
> I'm running Windows XP, and my current install of The Gimp is 2.6.10.
> Is there a simple step I'm forgetting to do?

I'm not familiar with that model but as a start

Does the tablet behave as a mouse in gimp? (ie draws but no pressure)

Have you checked the settings in Gimps
Edit -> Preferences -> Input Devices -> Configure Extended Input Devices?
the dropdown in this config window should show your device. If it does then 
you can modify the devices parameters there.

That's about all the help I can give you, I don't use windows and have no 
idea if Gimp has any requirements not provived by that device.

Good luck,
see ya
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