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On 11 Feb 11 03:58 Owen <rc...@pcug.org.au> said:
> I think you need 2 images, one normal, the other activated on "mouse
> over"
> Not part of the image map function.
> Just create your highlight image and activate it with the mouse over

Owen is right. An HTML image map only causes links to appear on a 
single image. You do need additional images, or a way of causing a 
single image to appear in different locations to produce a "highlight"
when the pointer moves over the image.

If you are a KompoZer user the folks at:


will prove very helpful. Post a link to a page on that forum, that 
shows your image and how you want the highlights to appear and you 
should get some good advice. You may not even need to use an "image 
map". A background image with images that appear on hover may be more 

(My site doesn't cover this issue - but may be helpful in other ways!)

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