I was trying to find something to put in a SF-DIRNAME widget that 
would work on all platforms.

I tried "/".  Bad choice on *nix/Mac, cause it leaves you at root of 
file system.

On windows, "/" is displayed as "\"; the parameter associated with 
the SF-DIRNAME displays with gimp-message as \, but throws an error 
when used as argument to SF-DIRNAME string-append.

If it is genuinely coming back as a single backslash I can see why 
(string-append would have problems with it (a single escape \ 
shouldn't be allowed, and indeed generates an error in e.g.

 (define x "\")

in the console) 

So, something a bit wrong there?  

And back to my original problem: is there any way to make sure I land 
in a sensible folder (like $HOME or windows %USERPROFILE) when using 
SF-DIRNAME?  "~" doesn't work for Windows.  Null string ends up in 
<GIMP install>\bin on windows, $HOME I think on Mac/*nix.



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