Hello all,

My first post here - I've run into a strange problem and can't find an answer. 
Using Ubuntu 10.04, after some recent system updates, the Layers-Channels-Paths 
window no longer updates when a file is opened, the Layers area is empty, not 
showing a preview of the image. If I close and re-open the L-C-P window, then 
the layer preview of the image shows as normal, and the window as a whole works 
as expected.

I've tried everything I could think of to trace the source of the problem, to 
avail. I think it must be caused by something that got recently updated in the 
system, but I haven't been able to find it. Initially I noticed the problem 
Gimp 2.6.10 that I had compiled from source myself. I deleted it and installed 
2.6.8 from the repositories, but the problem persists. I then went through 
and "dpkg" logs, looking for system components that had recently been updated 
and downgraded many of them, again to no avail.

My internet searches revealed a thread at Ubuntu forums a couple of years ago 
where someone had the exact same problem after upgrading from Ubuntu 8.04 to 
8.10. The poster found no solution, but managed to solve the problem by 
installing 8.04 again. I think this is what I'm basically facing, having to 
re-install a clean 10.04. But I think there must be just one system library 
I haven't tracked down that's responsible for this problem. Would anyone here 
have any idea which system library may be causing the problem?

It's a long shot, but worth asking. Thanks in advance.


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