* Helen <etter...@gmail.com> [04-05-11 09:33]:
> I bought a new computer - still have access to the old one through ssh.
> The old computer running suse11.3 has many gimp brushes that I made.
> New computer running suse11.4, gimp 2.6.11
> How can I get my brushes (the ones I made) over to the new computer/new
> Gimp?
> If ssh is not the best way, I can also get into the old computer gui-ly with
> ssh -X

Your brushes are under ~/.gimp-2.6/brushes

use scp/mc/dolphin/krusader/... to copy them to your new install at:
or another local directory and make sure that
  gimp --> edit --> preferences --> folders --> brushes
points to your chosen destination.    

assuming you have gimp-2.6 on your 11.3 install.

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