Patrick Shanahan <> writes:

> * Helen <> [04-05-11 10:15]:
>> Patrick,
>> The old machine has gimp 2.6.8, the new one is 2.6.11.
>> And I'm  a little over my head here.  I assume
>>      scp/mc/dolphin/krusader/
>> is not the actual command but rather some suggested options.
>> so maybe something like, from old machine
>>      scp ~/.gimp-2.6/brushes >
>> no, that would copy the file onto itself... I guess I'm more than a little
>> over my head.  But you've told me where they are and that's a good
>> first step.
>> H.
>> On Tue, Apr 5, 2011 at 9:53 AM, Patrick Shanahan <>wrote:
> scp user@ \
>   user@

Or just copy over the whole brush directory to the machine you're on,
with the -r option, e.g.:

    scp -r username@ ~/.gimp-2.6/
(this will overwrite brush files with the same name on your local


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