I'm trying to use GIMP onĀ Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick), installed using the
regular packages. It seems to work fine apart from one problem: when I
make a selection with e.g. the rectangle selection tool, there's no
visible feedback of how big the selection is, only the cursor is visible
(couldn't take a screenshot while the mouse button was clicked, but
tried to show it at http://bildr.no/image/872092.jpeg ).

If I try to resize a rectangle, the inside purple line moves, while the
outside purple line stays where it was (instead of showing how big the
new rectangle will become when I release the mouse button).

Also, possibly related, there are sometimes purple artifacts from old

Anyone know if this is a bug or if I've just managed to flip some
odd setting?

Kevin Brubeck Unhammer

http://donttrack.us/ -- because you're worth it

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