I observe some strange behavior when using GIMP:

it affects any pop-up window inside GIMP - if the window opens under the 
cursor or if I enter the window with the cursor immediately after it is 
shown, I can not click on anything inside the window. However the 
buttons show their normal behavior on mouse over - they change their 
shading, but clicking does nothing. The only thing I can do at this 
stage is pressing the ESC button to close the pop up window. If I go 
away with the pointer from the location on which I know the pop-up will 
open and wait a little bit before attempting to use it everything works 
I am expecting this strange behavior for quite a lot of time, at least 
with several from the latest GIMP versions, built both on 32 and 64 bit 
Gentoo Linux. Now I am running GIMP 2.6.11 on Xfce 4.8.0, with nvidia 
video drivers. There are no warnings on the console. It looks like some 
timing issue. It's not a big problem when you get used to it, but it is 
not normal.

Any one else noticed this?

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