On 05/11/2011 08:18 PM, Noel Stoutenburg wrote:
> Rhino wrote:
>> What am I doing wrong? How do I access the layers that I created before
>> the current layer?
> If you want to make changes to an existing text layer, in the layer
> dialog, make the layer containing the text you want to change the active
> layer, and then click on any bit of the text in the layer. Note though,
> that every text window is an independant layer, and if you've applied
> nearly any other modification to the layer, even only merging it with
> another text layer, it is no longer a text layer, and you can't modify
> the text with the text editor. As long as each text element is an
> individual text layer, and has not been modified, except for the text
> attributes, you can edit the text in the layer.

Furthermore, for really crisp results it is better to avoid appling 
gemoetry transforms to the text layer. It is luch better to generate a 
"path" frol the text ("Path from text" button), and apply the 
geometrical transforms to the path (all transform tools can be applied 
to paths), and once everything is in place to make a selection from the 
path and fill it.

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