I'm using Gimp 2.6.11 on a Solaris 10 SPARC platform.

Often I want to switch between two closely related items selected from a
pop-up window (e.g., brushes) or pull-down menu (e.g., fonts).  For example,
I might be switching between Century Gothic and Century Gothic Bold fonts.
If the bold font is currently selected and I access the menu, the current
font is at the top of the list and I always have to scroll back a screen to
get the normal weight font.  This is a minor inconvenience, but becomes a
major pain if you have to do it all day long.

I suggest enhancing the code slightly to display the currently selected
items in the center of the list or window when they are opened.

I would also suggest making the default size of pop-up windows (brushes,
patterns, etc.) be larger, or better, let Gimp persistently remember the
resized and repositioned user settings for these objects.

C. Jeffery Small

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