I'm running Mint 11 and Gimp 2.6.11. (But this problem was the same on Ubuntu 11.04, but not on 10.10).

If I change the Wacom input device config (Edit > Pref) from "stylus > disabled" to "stylus > screen", then the stylus uses pressure and size and opacity (via brush dynamics) nicely.

Well, sort of. The stylus becomes less responsive, for some reason. For example, if I draw a series of consecutive lines, every third or fourth one will not appear, as if the stylus has stopped working or something.

When I revert "stylus > screen" to "stylus > disabled", my stylus draws properly, but without the affects mentioned above. (Which is how I now draw, since it's impossible to successfully work with an "unresponsive" stylus).

This is obviously not ideal. I've installed that Wacom Config Panel application, but it doesn't recognise my tablet (which is due to the developer and not Gimp, presumably).

Any idea how to resolve this disabled-screen problem? I'd like to use pressure etc...
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