On Sunday, July 31, 2011, Fred J wrote:
> So is no one able to help with this problem?

Don't expect that I can help, but have you explored the idea that it could 
be X11 related rather than gimp?
> >>> >>  Well, sort of. The stylus becomes less responsive, for some
> >>> >>  reason. For example, if I draw a series of consecutive lines,
> >>> >>  every third or fourth one will not appear, as if the stylus has
> >>> >>  stopped working or something.
> >> >  
> >> >  I Use Ubuntu 11.04 and Gimp 2.6.11 and I don't experience these
> >> >  problems with my Wacom Bamboo One, it works fine with pressure.
> > 
> > Mine was fine too.  I'm asking for help to figure out how to debug why
> > that changed.

You could try using your tablet w/ krita or mypaint, both of which have good 
support for wacom devices and pressure. If those fail in the same way then 
look at X11, (or Ubuntu and its derivitives in general) as the source of the 

Also try your tablet using a live cd/dvd of your prefered distro to see if 
the problem occurs there as well.

> > Patrick

see ya,
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