Roseroberta Pauling <> writes:


> Furthermore, getting started on your site was just hell on wheels and I still 
> can not
> log in, though I can send an email.  I do not know what to do about that or 
> if the
> answer to my post will be sent to my email box.  RR

I assume you sent your message through This is the
_mailing-list_ "gimp-user", which is not run by A lot
of people get confused by that since call it a forum:

    Our forums are connected to the official mailing lists. The
    interface provides a way to read and answer mailing list messages in
    a forum-like style.

So if you want to give feedback on the
interfaces/website, get in touch with them instead (perhaps via, I can't see that they have an official
feedback button).

I prefer to read the mailing list through this interface instead:

There's a link "Post a message" on the left hand side (under Options) to
post new threads, or you can press "Reply" under individual messages.
You don't have to log in anywhere, but the first time you send a message
you'll get an email that you just have to send back (to prove that
your email exists).


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