On 08/04/2011 02:04 AM, Pablo Gustavo Rodriguez wrote:
> Hi everybody:
> I use Gimp just for personal pursposes like improving the colour of my
> photos, and I have a question that I couldn´t answer by myself so far. I
> use to take the same steps with every picture when improving the colour:
> I go to menu Colors / Levels, press the button Auto, then OK, Save and
> Close file. I have 200 photos taken in a tour and I´m looking for a way
> to do this in a batch mode, for all files at once, maybe from command
> line, but I couldn´t find how in the online user manual. It seems to me
> that script-fu may be useful but the manual didn´t help me. Is there a
> way to do waht I want to do?. Can any body tell me which is the function
> or recommend me a tutorial?.
> I run Gimp 2.6 under Windows 7-64 bits
> Very much thanks in advance.
Some people will likely give a very documented answer for Gimp batch. But

1) there is also an auto-level in ImageMagick convert 
(www.imagemagick.org) that will likely be both faster and easier to use 
from the command line:

         convert in.jpg --auto-level out.jpg

for more similar options

2) if you have to run this on all/most pictures you take, you should 
investigate changing the settings on your camera.
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