Hi Pablo,

you can use Script-Fu, more specifically 'gimp-levels-stretch':

"This procedure allows intensity levels in the specified drawable to be
remapped according to a set of guessed parameters. It is equivalent to
clicking the "Auto" button in the Levels tool. This procedure is only valid
on RGB color and grayscale images. It will not operate on indexed

You can access it in Gimp from Filters -> Script-Fu -> Console.

Some time ago, I published a manual about a similar procedure to
round-corners. You can consult in:


and ask me if you want.

Here you can get the script directly:



On 4 August 2011 02:04, Pablo Gustavo Rodriguez

> Hi everybody:
> I use Gimp just for personal pursposes like improving the colour of my
> photos, and I have a question that I couldn´t answer by myself so far. I
> use to take the same steps with every picture when improving the colour:
> I go to menu Colors / Levels, press the button Auto, then OK, Save and
> Close file. I have 200 photos taken in a tour and I´m looking for a way
> to do this in a batch mode, for all files at once, maybe from command
> line, but I couldn´t find how in the online user manual. It seems to me
> that script-fu may be useful but the manual didn´t help me. Is there a
> way to do waht I want to do?. Can any body tell me which is the function
> or recommend me a tutorial?.
> I run Gimp 2.6 under Windows 7-64 bits
> Very much thanks in advance.
> Pablo
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