>>Hi I'm looking for a complete mathmap plugin fully working on gimp 2.6.
>>has anyone got it or a  correct link?

>According to Rod on GimpChat:

>MathMap comes from here:

In addition

You really need to supply more information.
Version of windows, the .dll(s) that is(are) missing. (from your previous post)

On registry.gimp.org the only mention of a problem with dlls were the files 
libgsl.dll and libgslcblas.dlls

These are included in the mathmap installer from
http://www.complang.tuwien.ac.at/schani/mathmap/ so if this is the problem then 
look elsewhere on your computer. Maybe an anti-virus or malware application 
stopping them installing/running.

I just tried gimp 2.6.11 & mathmap in both a winxp, win7 virtual machines and 
it is working there.

The mathmap installer does put its exe & dlls in the global gimp plugins, so 
check there for the above dll files. Also puts a mathmap folder in your local 
.gimp-2.6 folder.

It is possible to unpack the mathmap installer and put everything in your local 
.gimp-2.6\plugins and doing this I found that there were two versions of 
libfftw3-3, I kept the one already there (from photivo) and mathmap still 

So, recap, what windows version? what mathmap version, what is/are the error 

rich (via gimpusers.com)
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