>Thank you for the help!

>> You really need to supply more information.
>> Version of windows, the .dll(s) that is(are) missing. (from your previous
>> post)

>I've got windows vista.
>When I launch math map with gimp, it says, I need a runtime to make it works
>Then I've got a message saying that it may be " broken"

I don't have a vista machine but in win7 32 bit - just a thought, is your vista 
32  bit or 64 bit? What version of gimp are you using?

Difficult to give advice when I can't replicate the error but from what you 

The mathmap plugin shows in the gimp 'filters -> 'generic' menu. It should show 
a whole list of filters with mathmap right at the bottom?
You select mathmap (at the bottom of the list) and you get the errors. The last 
error message you get is a gimp 'catch-all', fix the first one and that should 
be cured.

First thing I would check - Is the version of mathmap the latest? - I make that 
version 1.3.5
Then check the installed files. I thought they went in the global plugins but 
no. You should have

in C:\Users\"your_name"\.gimp-2.6\plug-ins\

libfftw3-3.dll             4177 KB
libgsl.dll                 1772 KB
libgslcbas.dll              225 KB
libgtksourceview-2.0-0.dll 1243 KB
mathmap.exe                9576 KB

There is one report that even with these files, "failed to start because 
libgslcblas.dll was not found" error occurs, but that was a year ago.

plus subfolders 
'share' -> 'gtksourceview-2.0' -> 'language-specs' containing a file 
                               -> 'style' containing .xml files

As a long shot & last resort, you could try moving these files & folders to 
your global plugins folder
C:\Program Files\GIMP-2.0\lib\gimp\2.0\plug-ins

Then there is a separate folder 'C:\Users\"your_name"\.gimp-2.6\mathmap
which contains llvm_template.o, a pair of png files and a folder 'expressions' 
with all the mathmap filters. Used to be that some of the filters were 
'flakey'. AFAIK largely fixed.

Not much else to give. Maybe someone here has better ideas.

rich (via gimpusers.com)
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